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Teltlk: Explain the Next-Generation Social Media Platform


In today modern world, social media users always looking platform for their privacy and security. Now we discuss about new competitor Teltlk. Its designed for users with more privacy and security and allow users to create your intimate social circle with friends and family members. In this article we discuss all about Teltlk like its features and how to use?

We always facing privacy and security issues with social media platform. Now we discuss the usability of Teltlk and its compare to another social media channel.

What is teltlk?

Teltlk is a communication app and always allow you to make free call and messages to anyone and anywhere. Its use very simple and works with all android phone.

With teltlk, you can make HD video and voice call and send text messages for all friend without any cost. With teltlk you can connect with your family member and friends around the world and without any SIM card or international calling plan. So teltlk is always available for Android and iPhone and works over your data plan and Wi-Fi.

How to Use Teltlk App?

  • First, you create an account on Teltlk via the website or you can download app from the app store on your device.
  • Signup or register on app with your email id or other registration options.
  • After signup, complete your profile with profile picture, bio and other information.
  • Familiarize yourself with platform features like posting content, following other users and joining groups.
  • Search your friends and connect with on the social media platform.
  • On Teltlk you can share post, photos and videos on your profile to share your followers and others.
  • Review and set your privacy settings to control who can see your posts and interact with you.
  • If you have any issue with this app you can report to the administrators.

Benefits of using teltlk?

All know, communication is key of any relationship for personal or professional. Teltlk is a communication app that helps you bridge the language barrier by providing real-time translation of more than 100 languages. We discuss benefits of teltlk here:

  1. Connectivity: Social media platform like teltlk are used to make connectivity and communication or allow user to connect with your friend, family etc.
  2. Helps you break down language barriers: With teltlk, you can communicate with anyone on your language. Mostly it is perfect those people who travel or do business in other countries. With teltlk you can communicate with anyone without having to worry about the language barrier.
  3. Easy to use: Teltlk designed user friendly so its use very easy. Simply you can download the app and start chatting, no need any tech expert.
  4. Private and secure: Teltlk always protect your privacy, so all chats are private and secure. Teltlk does not share your personal information anywhere.
  5. Promotion and Brand Building: If teltlk used for business purposes, you can promote your products and services and build your brand awareness on the user base.
  6. Entertainment and Content Discovery: Social media platform always provide a wide range of contents like entertaining photo, gif, videos, memes and articles. Teltlk also offer content discovery features for users engaged and entertained.
  7. Personal Expression: Social media platform allow users to express themselves like share your thoughts, opinions and experience with other user or friends. So teltlk also provide a space for Personal Expression and creativity of user.
  8. Free: You can use teltlk without any cost from the app store or google play store. No need to pay any hidden fees or any subscription charges.
  9. Fast and accurate: Teltlk always provide fast and accurate translations because its use state of the art technology. So, you can trust on teltlk and get accurate result always.

How can Teltlk help businesses with their communication needs?

  1. Instant Messaging: With instant messaging features users can enable quick and direct communication between employees and solve problem easily.
  2. Voice and video calls: Teltlk offers voice and video call functionalities, so it is beneficial for conducting virtual meetings, client interactions and team discussions in business.
  3. File Sharing and Collaboration: Teltlk platform also provide file sharing and collaboration services, so it’s made easier for teams to work on documents, presentations and projects together.
  4. Customer Communication: Teltlk is a communication support platform, so it’s also helps in business with their customer support and engagement.
  5. Privacy and Security: For privacy and security purpose, teltlk always protect your valuable information from unauthorized access. So, it is beneficial for business.


Finally, we represent Teltlk is a new platform in social media. Main purpose of its platform for user privacy, secure, interactions and meaningful connections. On this platform user create private channel and can share photos, videos and messages within their closest friend circle or family members. So teltlk provides a range of features for your business purpose also.

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