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Transforming Your Business Landscape Gojek Clone and Its Latest Components

Launching a Gojek Clone will be profitable for your business. Why? It is a super app that offers 101+ on-demand services that you will find nowhere else. With this Gojek-like app, your business will grow significantly and in a short time, you can build your own empire.

Get acquainted with the new functionalities and components of this Super App. But, before we proceed further let’s understand the reason behind the growing popularity of this Mega App.


Why Entrepreneurs Are Choosing All in One App Solution To Launch?

Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023

is an on-demand app that offers a wide range of services, such as taxi booking, ordering food, parcel delivery, and more. The workflow of the app is simple and anyone can use it to fulfill their needs.

How does an on-demand app work? The user places the service requests to the service, who then accepts the request and delivers the services. The user then confirms the service delivery by paying the provider and providing them with a relevant rating and review.

There are several on-demand apps available in the market, thus making the competition more difficult. It is up to you now to build the best on-demand multi-service app for your business and beat your competitors.


Super App 2023 and Its Latest Components

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be for users to book multiple services from a single app?  Moreover, have you ever given thought to how much profit you will be making? Well, if you haven’t yet, you will find that out in this blog.

The app enables your users to find and book taxi rides, order stuff from stores, get professional services at home, send parcels, video consult, and bid for handyman services. Additionally, your users can also hire delivery Genie and Runner via Gojek Clone 2023.

Apart from the mentioned services, the app also offers:

1. Buying & selling real estate

Your users can buy and sell real estate online. By posting the details of the property they want to sell, users can connect with genuine buyers. The users who are willing to sell/buy/rent their properties can simply connect with the property seller by submitting an Inquiry Form at the end. Here, the users won’t have to pay commissions to the Agent or broker as it is a peer-to-peer service.

Interested buyers can check out the photos and videos of the residential apartment, villas, showrooms, farmhouses, industrial sheds, etc., they want to purchase.

2. Buying, selling, & renting cars

Through this app, users can buy, sell, or rent pre-owned cars. Users who want to sell or rent out their vehicles can post a listing on the application. The owner of the car can upload the vehicle’s information and choose to have it showcased on the “Featured” list to gain more visibility.  Those interested in renting or buying the car can easily view the information provided by the user and contact the seller via the app.

Here, they can add multiple photos and videos of the car so that buyers or renters can view them and connect with the owner immediately.

3. Buying, selling, & renting general items

Using the Gojek Clone, buying, selling, and renting furniture, electronics, lawn & garden tools, etc., becomes easy too.

While posting the listing, the user needs to provide multiple photos/videos of the item and important details like condition, age, material, and so on.

4.  Car Pool

Users can share long-distance rides as well. If a user is traveling from one city to another and wants to carpool to the same destination can post a listing on the app. While posting the listing, the user has to mention the details about their route, schedule, seats available, and price per seat.

Other users who are looking for a ride can simply book a seat in the vehicle and complete the journey on the set date & time. Carpooling is a convenient way to split the cost of transportation that the user (driver) would incur otherwise.  It is a peer-to-peer service and not a professional taxi ride-sharing.

5.  On-demand medical services

Because of the pandemic and the rising need for on-the-go medical services, the Mega App now allows its users to:

  • Book an ambulance
  • Order prescribed medicines online
  • Book an online video consultation with a doctor
  • Book an appointment with the pet’s vet
  • Schedule a service at the doctor’s clinic


All the services can be booked via the mobile app, and in minutes, your users will be able to get doorstep medical assistance.

6.  Tracking family members & employees

To keep the security of family members and employees in check, users can register on the app and track the person’s real-time location. The user can quickly turn this on/off this service. Thus, without violating anyone’s privacy, the live tracking service can be used to ensure the safety of close ones.

Moreover, employers can use the services to make sure that everyone working in the field is on time and at the right location. Users can thereby guarantee the safety of their loved ones or employees on the field during business hours without violating anyone’s privacy. The only requirement is to install the tracking app on their close one’s or employee’s mobile phone and link it with the user app they have.

7.  Explore nearby businesses

This Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 service component is best for users who want to explore cafes, gyms, salons, spas, and other businesses near them.

The user can switch on their GPS and start locating various businesses near them. Additionally, the users can see more information about the business, call them, locate them on the map, order online, and book a taxi to go there.

8.  Gift certificates

Now, your users can send gift cards to their close ones. They can select the theme of the card and the amount they want to give.  The gift card will be sent to the other user’s email inbox and they can redeem it by entering the given code on the app.

Post listing as “Featured”

When posting a listing to buy or sell homes, general items, or cars, users can choose to boost its visibility. They can purchase one of the available Paid Plans and get their listing on the “Featured” list.

This way, their ad will appear on top of all the other listings and gain more visibility. It will increase the chance to attract more leads.

In Conclusion

Isn’t the New Gojek App Clone amazing?

As the app owner, you can choose to make more money via in-app ads or surcharges apart from earning high commissions on every booking.  You will be a millionaire in no time. So, why miss out on the opportunity? Get the pre-built solution today and launch the Gojek Clone app in only one to two weeks.  Become an entrepreneur and a millionaire for real in just a few days by running 101+ businesses with just one app!

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